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You know it’s a cupcakes?

For those who do not know, we tell them that the “cupcakes” are small individual cakes and its shape is similar to cupcakes or muffins. Americans sometimes call them “Fairy Cakes” and in its original recipe and adds a touch of glaze coverage (among others) and / or beads (rooks, chips or sprinkles), to name a few .. It is said that the first mention of the term cupcakes made in 1828 when the form is changed although traditionally the ingredients and starts measuring cups (cups). In his day was a revolutionary invention, since supposedly this new form of “regret” ingredients saved much time in the kitchen. There is also another version that says that the name comes from the custom was to bake cakes (cakes) in the cups (cups) of tea. The truth is that, whatever the origin, the cupcakes have gone from being merely entertainment for kids parties almost … a product design.

cupcakes recipes

Well the cupcakes … they are very popular in the US, there are even bakeries dedicated exclusively to these cupcakes, also online no exclusive blogs cupcakes, serious translation individual cupcakes, are widely used at birthday parties, as is a single serving, It is very easy to eat, we should not be leaving portions of cake, decorated also always go well with fondant, “frosting” or “icing” there is certainly true works of art. In England, also they called fairycakes cupcakesHere in Spain, call them muffins, but … it’s not exactly the same, some of the differences are:

  • The texture of the muffins is drier.
  • Cupcakes usually carry a light lemon flavor, while the cupcakes can add them several flavors, as normal is a little vanilla.
  • The traditional recipe for muffins incorporates olive oil instead of butter, which affects taste.
  • Cupcakes are not usually decorate, while the cupcakes are the basis for all kinds of sweet coverage .
  • The cupcakes carry proportionally little more butter in the recipe, and a little milk, which makes the cake more juicy.

Cupcakes Recipes